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The Kentucky Assembly Forum Calls

Call Conduct: Please be mindful of all the participants time and give everyone a chance to speak. There is a lot of information to cover and everyone is at a different point in their levels of understanding life as an American State National. Please follow these rules to help manage the calls:

  • Please begin with, “may I” or “if I may” if you would like a turn to have the floor, try to keep it to two minutes or less and not stray too far off subject.
  • When you are finished with your turn to have the floor say, “I yield“.
  • f the call coordinator interjects please be respectful and understanding of the reason, if you do not or continue to stray from the rules you will be asked to leave the call; if you do not comply the call coordinator reserves the right to terminate you from the call.
  • PLEASE mute if you are not speaking to avoid unnecessary feedback (*6 to mute for dial in callers), the call coordinator reserves the right to mute those as necessary.
  • Please write down your questions for the end of the call or you can submit them to the contact form and we will do our best to answer them on the next call or through email.

Call Disclaimer: The Kentucky Assembly public calls are open to whomever may want to attend- only share information you are comfortable with others having access to. These calls will be recorded and available to share for informational and educational purposes only. The Kentucky Assembly reserves all right to information shared on or obtained from an assembly hosted call or recording thereof; any unauthorized use for any distribution, financial gain, or other unintended or unauthorized purposes is strictly forbidden. Public calls are not for official Kentucky Assembly business rather intended for outreach to those wanting to know more or seeking assistance. Official assembly calls are for land recorded Members only, please complete the paperwork necessary if you would like to participate.

Kentucky Assembly Weekly Open Call Recordings