Keep the Peace

Love Others as You Would be Loved

Freewill so Long as it Causes no Harm

“Seeking first the well-being of the land of Kentucky, a place for joining voices of like-minded locals collaborating to promote prosperity for all through education to orginization. At The Kentucky Assembly everyone has a seat at the roundtable.”

Anna Von Reitz, James Belcher, the Living Law Firm, and the team of world wide researchers who have been studying, searching and uncovering the truth for the last 40 years.

Strengthen Community

Constitutional Guarantees

Protect Private/Public Property

  • People First: The whole idea of the American government is founded on the people having control of their own lives– in order to assure this they must also control the government. The framers setup a structure that starts first in the home, then trickles out to the county, to the State, and finally to the Federation of States.
  • Assembly Importance: The very foundation and the checks and balances of the government rely on a strong local assembly.
  • County Assemblies: By categorizing the state into county assemblies it assures a closer connection and accountability directly within the community.
  • State Assemblies: County assembles elect officials to The State Assembly confirming their voices are heard at not only a state level but also international level.
  • First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”
  • Only People Have Unalienable Rights: US Citizens (Persons/Corporations) only have equal rights—meaning they can be suspended in a time of war, such as a war on terrorism, drugs, flu viruses, economic….
  • Self-Governance: By joining your county assembly you are now acting as one of the People to redress grievances and once again control policies and property as the community sees fit.
  • We the People are the issuing party of the Contract: Without the people assembled, there is no Constitution.
  • Public Property: Libraries, courthouses, parks, public right-away, and such land all belong to the communities, a proper county assembly assures the use of these land assets for the community’s overall benefit.
  • Claim What’s Yours: The declaration we record corrects the presumption that you abandoned your land (you’ve been considered a tenant, and temporary resident).
  • Priority Creditors: Titles and registrations transfer legal ownership, correcting this undisclosed fact records you as the rightful owner.
  • Copyright/Trademarks: Your given name is a tool that in modern days gets confused and abused. We establish a claim to put you in control of your name so you can enjoy the benefits of your own labor.
  • Establish a Public Record: A simple lien on your property to protect it from confiscation.

“Government of the People, by the People, and for the People”…

Nearly every American has heard this statement, but what does that truly mean?

In an effort to uncover the hidden secrets of fading freedoms, oppression, and injustice desperate Americans and world-wide researchers have uncovered the truth behind a deliberately obscured age old political power struggle and the importance of why this statement really has put an emphasis on the people governing themselves.

In order to maintain our individual rights we must assert them.

This website is a compilation of decades of research spanning the entire globe including tried and proven remedies. This one-stop resource will allow you to educate yourself and others on exercising your rights and constitutional guarantees to protect you, your family, and your community. By connecting you to others around you, protecting your private property and earnings from unjust confiscation, and offering effective solutions to the modern demands of operating in commerce, you too can play a substantial part of asserting the rights of the people in order to create a thriving community as a whole.

“Make America Great Again” ???
Another broken Promise ??
Are we headed toward Destruction ?

Most are aware of the ever-growing concerns about the future of America and the world-at-large, but is it really just as simple as electing the right individual man with a catchy slogan like: Make America Great Again?

Can these simple words help a small town family in Kentucky?

Wouldn’t the words and actions be much more effective and useful if each individual/community could speak for themselves?

This is in fact the way the American Government is structured. So, how did we ever get so far away from being the Voice of the People, and allow ourselves to be taken over by greed and abuse from our own Public employees?

Note: The current structure is inverted with the smallest portion holding the top level of power instead of We the People

The answer is before we can address these problems we must first make America, America Again.

Please review This Chart and decide for yourself. If you feel you are in the wrong citizenship category and would like to correct that in order to access long owed credit and assert constitutional guaranteed rights, we have a simple process. We will assist you in recording the paperwork necessary to form an irrefutable record to correct the false presumptions that have been made of nearly every American.

Recording your status as an American on the land is the absolute and ultimate guaranteed solution and remedy to your freedom and credit owed. We can’t do this alone, we need you and your families help!

Please follow the Get Involved button at the bottom of the page or click the RECORD YOUR STATUS! tab in the menu bar if you:
• know what category of citizen you fall into,
• feel you have a good understanding of who YOU are and who THEY are,
• have a understanding of how the power structure got turned around,
• would like to get on the fast track to being able to govern ourselves the way intended.

For those who would like more explanation below is a chart illustrating the structure of the way the American Government is supposed to be operating.

Structure of the American Government Chart

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